Survival Taco Kit: Half & Half

Survival Taco Kit: Half & Half


A Survival Taco Kit with provisions to help you get through these difficult times. We included our signature home-made heirloom corn tortillas, taco fillings and salsas so you can make your own tacos (temaki tacos!) at home! The kit also includes tamales, soup and dessert.This Survival Taco Kit will provide you numerous ways to enjoy confinement. You can make a feast out of it or split it in two or three meals. If you have left over fillings you can turn them into a sandwich or serve them on top of rice, you can use left over tortillas and top them with salsa and a sunny-side up to make chilaquiles, or even freeze the tamales and save them for the next pandemic.We can ship anywhere in Japan.If you live close, you can come to Los Tacos Azules and pick it up.


【This week's contents】


This time's Survival Taco Kit contains two of our customer’s favorite dishes: Carnitas and Barbacoa.


Tortillas (x20)

Made with our home-made masa. As always, freshly ground everyday using heirloom corn from Mexico.


Carnitas (250g)

Smoked and slow cooked mexican style pork confit. Los Tacos Azules signature dish.


Barbacoa (250)

Smoked and slow roasted pit style mexican barbecued beef. We use meat from free range cows from Iwate-pref. (Tankaku-Gyu)


Salsa Roja

Spicy salsa made with charred Tomato and Serrano chiles.


Salsa Verde

Made with tomatillos and jalapeño peppers grown in Mie pref.


Consome de Barbacoa

Hearty stew made from the drippings that come out while barbacoa is being cooked. It includes rice and vegetables. An essential compliment for Barbacoa.


Tamales de Frijol (x4)

Savory steamed filled with refried beans.


Strawberry Syrup

Make your own strawberry soda as the one we serve at Los Tacos Azules. This syrup is made from fresh strawberries grown in Japan.


Pumpkin Seed Butter

Pumpkin seed and honey spread flavored with spices. You can enjoy it with tortillas or bread.

  • Important Information

    If you wish to have your kit delivered , the day you select will be the day we ship it takes one-two days to arrive to most locations within Japan.

    If you want it to be delivered at a specific time please let us know at check out.

    If you wish to pick- up at Los Tacos Azules, please select the date when you want to come. You can come anytime between 16:00 and 18:00.

    If you cannot come at that time please send us a message at check out with your desired pick-up time and we will get back to you.