about us

Just as good sushi needs good  rice, the most important thing for a good taco is to have a good tortilla. The very best ones are found in the Mexican countryside, they are made from heirloom that's grown in a naturally biodynamic environment by farmers who have been eating it as a staple for generations. 


After running a restaurant in Mexico and dedicating many years to learning and perfecting the craft of delicious tortilla. Marco decided it was time to bring these flavors to Japan.


For Marco, a good tortilla is the ultimate vessel to convey deliciousness. You can serve it with almost anything, fish, vegetables, meats. Fried, boiled, grilled foods. There are no limits. By infusing our food with ingredients and sensibilities that are unique to Japan, we are attempt to create a new style of tacos.

For Marco, the tortilla is the ultimate vessel to convey deliciousness. You can put anything on top of a tortilla; fish, vegetables, meats, you name it. Raw, boiled, grilled or fried foods. There are no limits, technically you can make a taco out of anything.


原料にこだわり製造プロセスにもこだわった美味しいトルティーヤを、やはり一番美味しい状態で食べていただきたいという思いから、オーダーごとに一枚一枚焼き立てで提供しています。もちろん効率という側面から考えると少しお待たせしてしまうこともあるかもしれませんが、los tacos azulesは美味しさを優先に考えております。美味しいタコスを提供することで、それがお客様にも伝わり、より多くの人が美味しいタコスの味を記憶してくれたら、それはメキシコで在来種を作る農家をサポートすることにも繋がって行くと思っております。最適な美味しさを知っていただくことはとても大事だと考え、皆さまにもその美味しさを味わっていただきたいです。